• Anthony is a fantastic driving instructor. Keeps his cool when you make mistakes and most importantly shows you how to drive safely. I always recommend him to friends and family.

  • Anthony has been an excellent instructor very patient and understanding with a calming presence especially on the day of my test, which I passed first time.  I would highly recommend him to any type of driver whether a nervous starter or a driver seeking refresher training, as I believe they would excel under his tuition. Thanks Anthony.

    by Kris Smith

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Driving Lesson Prices St Albans

How much do driving lessons cost?

It is hard to give a correct figure on how much driving lessons cost. The cost of learning to drive depends on a few things, such as, location in the country, the amount of lessons required, your starting ability – hand eye coordination, your confidence, and of course the instructor!

As a rough guide however; the Driving Standards Agency research shows that the average person will need at least 47 hours of lessons and 22 hours of private practice before they pass their test. But remember this is only an average. It means that many people take many more hours and many take many less.

Hints for keeping your driving lesson costs down

Book two-hour lessons

The days of 1 hour lessons as a recommendation are gone. 1 hour lessons are generally too short, by the time you have got back into the swing of driving it’s time to finish. 2 hours allows you to rebuild the confidence from the passed lesson, recap previous skills and learn more.


Block book driving lessons, for example a block of 20 which can mean receiving a discount depending on the driving school.

Be committed to driving lessons

Try not to miss lessons, leaving weeks in between. When learning to drive you may go back to scratch, lose confidence and skills previously acquired. Preferably have more than 1 lesson per week. The closer your lessons are the quicker you can build your skills and ability.

Try to be confident

Nerves are not helpful when learning to drive. Try remember in a dual controlled car your driving instructor is there to help. All new drivers make mistakes and it’s the only way to learn. It’s better to make mistakes in your driving lessons by giving it your all and trying your best than on your test!

Prices of Driving Lessons

Fantastic driving lessons at low prices in the St Albans area. We use modern dual control, easy to drive cars and pick you up from home, work or college.

Pass Plus Course

After passing your driving test you may feel you need some extra practice in certain driving skills. This driving lesson course will help you gain extra experience and help you to learn how to drive on a motorway, drive at night, driving in the city center, gain experience in driving in certain situations which you may not have experienced previously.Length ofAs required
  • 2 hour driving lessons.
  • Fully Qualified Driving DSA Licensed Instructor
  • Modern Dual control car
  • CRB/DBS Checked
  • Pay by the hour
  • Town driving.
  • Varying weather conditions
  • Rural roads
  • Dual carriageways
  • Night Driving
  • Motorway Driving

Motorway Driving Course

£65 for 2 hours
Motorway driving is different to standard roads and is not covered in driving lessons or before you pass your test. Dealing with motorways can be a nervous experience for especially novice drivers and we aim to help you to develop the necessary skills required to drive on motorways, as well as give you the confidence you need to be safe and feel safe.Length of2 HOURS
  • Learn safe motorway techniques
  • Increase motorway confidence and skill
  • Fully Qualified Driving DSA Licensed Instructor
  • Modern Dual control car
  • CRB/DBS Checked
  • Understand the rules of motorway driving
  • Increase confidence

The course covers:

  • Breakdown procedures for motorways
  • Motorway fatigue
  • Journey planning
  • Motorways hazards and signs
  • Speed awareness
  • Sliproads and joining motorways
  • Lane discipline and overtaking